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After 10 years with Sublime Text, I switched to VSCode — the new open source cross-platform editor everyone's talking about. I've spent over a 1,000 hours perfecting my setup to help you switch today and bring all your custom settings and the power user workflows for HTML/CSS, GitHub/Git & Open Source, supercharged Markdown, and everything from JavaScript to PHP, Go, Python, C++, C#, ROR & 50+ Extensions.
→ I'm sharing it all in five hours — 65 videos online course.

Ahmad Awais
Who's behind this?!
Ahmad Awais

🎩 Full-time #OpenSourcerer 🥑 JavaScript Dev Advocate ✌️ Builds professional Open Source Software used by over 218,900 Developers (inc. engineers at Google, Microsoft, Intel, HP…) 🔥 Ridiculously hard-working Full Stack Web Dev ⓦ Regular WordPress Core Developer 📣 TEDx Speaker 🙌 Cloud/DevOps Community Evangelist ✍️ Member of SmashingMagazine Experts Panel, Featured/published author at CSS-Tricks, Tuts+, Scotch.io, TorqueMag, SitePoint…😂 Funnier than your mom. Seriously funny! You should follow him on twitter @MrAhmadAwais →It's a known fact that Ahmad loves purple. Purple can be genius. So, he built a VSCode theme which is used by thousands of developers 150,000+ installs and 50+ developer swear by its awesomeness. Install this theme called — 🦄 Shades of Purple →

What You Get in This Course?

For beginners or advanced developer? Both! Investing time on your code editor can help you improve your productivity. After this course, you'll be writing code with best practices, 2x faster than you do now, and will be saving 15 to 20 hours every month. Details in the modules below.



In this module, you'll master Visual Studio Code basics. In just one minute, I'll help you migrate all your settings and keyboard shortcuts from your previous editor to VSCode. You can migrate from Vim, Sublime, Atom, Eclipse, IntelliJ/JetBrains IDE, Xcode, and about 20 other editors. I've got you covered. Jump right in.

📺 BASICS: VSCode Course Introduction01:47

📺 BASICS: VSCode User Interface KnowHow02:18

📺 BASICS: Custom VSCode Theme FTW — Shades of Purple02:41

📺 BASICS: The Command Palette To The Rescue01:05

📺 BASICS: Keymaps - Help You Switch Today01:07

📺 BASICS: Switch From Sublime/Vim/Atom/JetBrains IDE01:07

📺 BASICS: Fixing Things You Break03:20



I'll help you customize the VSCode interface the way you like it. After setting a custom theme, custom file icons, I'll share the code fonts I like/use. Both free and paid options. Then we'll do away with extra UI elements, fine-tune the whitespace and cursor setup.

📺 SETTINGS: VSCode Settings User Interface + Settings JSON02:16

📺 SETTINGS: Basic of Settings In Case You Missed It01:40

📺 SETTINGS: Setting up an Icon Theme01:18

📺 SETTINGS: Custom Code Font FTW04:49

📺 SETTINGS: Set up Cursor & UI Ninja02:11

📺 SETTINGS: UI + WhiteSpace Commando Part 105:25

📺 SETTINGS: User Interface Setup Part 204:27

📺 SETTINGS: Powerful Custom File Association02:28



The fun begins here. Excellent power user workflows in this module. Each video here will set you up for good. You'll be hacking around with different files, palettes, and panels all with different keyboard shortcuts. I'll help you bend VSCode to your will.

📺 WORKFLOWS: File Handling Yoga Power User Workflows03:27

📺 WORKFLOWS: Keybindings & Keyboard Shortcuts Editor04:38

📺 WORKFLOWS: File Editing Power User Workflows09:10

📺 WORKFLOWS: Power Navigation Go To File | Symbol | View04:53

📺 WORKFLOWS: Macros Automate Repetitive Actions03:55

📺 WORKFLOWS: Programming Productivity with Zen Mode01:16

📺 WORKFLOWS: Set up Code Spell Checks FTW03:38

📺 WORKFLOWS: Snippets Intro + Snippet Creation08:27

📺 WORKFLOWS: Use Code CLI (Command Line Interface) Like a Pro03:43

📺 WORKFLOWS: Search And Replace Anything Anywhere05:57

📺 WORKFLOWS: Changing Focus from Editor to Sidebar & Back00:50



Every web developer has to learn HTML & CSS. There's no way around it. In this module, I'll show you how powerful VSCode + Emmet integration works. You don't have to install it, it comes built-in. We'll go over all sorts of custom HTML/CSS workflows and extensions setup.

📺 HTML: Emmet Basics + Cheat Sheet03:02

📺 Emmet: Building Web Pages in a Jiffy02:52

📺 Emmet: Multiply & NumberingNumber05:02

📺 Emmet: Element Relations (Sibling/Child)05:02

📺 Emmet: One Single Line to a Web Page02:08

📺 Emmet: Tab Triggered Custom Setup01:18

📺 HTML: Tag Highlight + Customization Like a Pro02:27

📺 HTML: Auto Formatting + Insert New Line Workflow03:45

📺 HTML: Favorite Extensions Review & Setup02:46

📺 CSS: Emmet Basics Introduction + Cheat Sheet01:05

📺 CSS: Easy Property/Value Fuzzy Search01:02

📺 CSS: Unit Manipulation: rem, em, px, %02:45

📺 CSS: Value Bumping — Decrease/Increase With Ease03:15

📺 CSS: Value Bumping — Keyboard Shortcuts Setup01:09

📺 CSS: Color Highlight Extension + Custom Settings01:23

Git/GitHub + Open Source TipsMODULE #5

Git/GitHub + Open Source Tips

As a full-time open source developer Git version control system and GitHub Pull Requests, Collaboration, Code Reviews are critical to my dev-setup. That's what I'll share in this module. How to be an awesome open source developer, write better Git Commit Messages, and set up the Git Lens. We'll also review Pug setup and customizing VSCode Breadcrumbs.

📺 GIT: VSCode Git Integration Intro03:37

📺 GIT: Power User Workflow with Git Range Select03:30

📺 GIT: Favorite Extensions Review & Setup03:57

📺 GIT: Git Config & GitIgnore files Syntax01:21

📺 GIT: Setting up the amazing Git Lens Extension02:43

📺 GIT: Reduce Git Lens Battery Footprint + Custom Settings01:34

📺 GIT: GitHub Pull Requests + Review Workflow05:22

📺 PUG: Language set up for Pug Templating03:39

📺 BREADCRUMBS: All You Need To Know04:22

Pro Markdown Workflow SetupMODULE #6

Pro Markdown Workflow Setup

I love Markdown. I learned it for writing GitHub README.md files, but it has changed my life for good. This site, my emails, newsletters, blog posts all of that is written in Markdown. This module has a single ~15-minute video which is a mini-course in itself on perfecting your setup for writing Markdown with VSCode. Take a look and tell me that's not tasty enough?!

📺 MARKDOWN: Basic Syntax01:11

📺 MARKDOWN: Customize for More Control + Suggestions0 1:50

📺 MARKDOWN: As the Default Language02:40

📺 MARKDOWN: Linting + Bug Fixing Automation04:13

📺 MARKDOWN: Custom Linting Rules Setup03:40

📺 MARKDOWN: Preview Enhancements — Make it Like GitHub01:10

📺 MARKDOWN: Auto Formatting Single Table + All Tables01:40

📺 MARKDOWN: TODO Lists with Checkboxes01:40

📺 MARKDOWN: Setup Word Counting01:00

📺 MARKDOWN: Auto Numbering, Mathematics, Table of Contents03:23

📺 MARKDOWN: Keybindings Fixes + Custom Keyboard shortcuts 01:43



JavaScript is eating the world, the web, the mobile, and even the Internet of Things tech space. You can write JavaScript functions and have them run in Microsoft Excel. Even VSCode is built with JavaScript, tell me about that. This is a hugely significant module, where I cover the JavaScript development setup. I'll take your hand, and we'll travel through different stages of JS Code debugging. We'll finally land on the VSCode debugging setup (which I bet you'll find the easiest of all). ES6+ Modern JavaScript, React, Frontend debugging with Chrome, custom extensions/snippets — this module has got you covered.

📺 JAVASCRIPT: Intro to JavaScript with VSCode01:41

📺 JAVASCRIPT: Power User Workflows11:21

📺 JAVASCRIPT: JSON Schema Definitions1:02

📺 JAVASCRIPT: Basics of a JavaScript Application03:18

📺 JAVASCRIPT: Interacting with a JavaScript File06:04

📺 JAVASCRIPT: Peeking & Definition Jumping + Keybindings05:21

📺 JAVASCRIPT: Multiple Terminals & Custom Keybindings05:21

📺 JAVASCRIPT: ESLint Set up Like a Pro03:14

📺 JAVASCRIPT: Easiest Auto-formatting Prettier Setup06:10

📺 JAVASCRIPT: Refactor Old to Modern JavaScript01:54

📺 JAVASCRIPT: How Debugging Worked in Old Days01:42

📺 JAVASCRIPT: Debugging with VSCode on Steroids01:47

📺 JAVASCRIPT: Node Debugging With Nodemon - Part 106:57

📺 JAVASCRIPT: Node Debugging With Nodemon - Part 210:11

📺 JAVASCRIPT: Debugging ES6+ Modern JavaScript Code04:28

📺 JAVASCRIPT: Debugging with Chrome & React.js Framework04:19

📺 JAVASCRIPT: Intelligent Selection Expansion with Keyboard02:41

📺 JAVASCRIPT: Eight Favorite Extensions Review & Setup05:53



I have been regularly contributing the WordPress Core software for over five years. PHP is one of my strong suits so when I switched over to VSCode the preference was to have a good PHP setup, where I can debug code with Xdebug, use Composer, build a coding-standards linting integration just like ESLint and have that awesome auto-formatting for PHP code. Took some time but I figured out some best possible 3rd party libraries + VSCode setup to do all that. After this module, you won't complain about PHP in VSCode.

📺 PHP: 15 Favorite Extensions Review & Setup07:46

📺 PHP: IntelliSense & IntelePhense Setup07:46

📺 PHP: Debugger, Namespace, Symbols Setup01:14

📺 PHP: Coding standards with PHP Code Sniffer phpcs02:46

📺 PHP: Complete Coding Standards Setup for WordPress05:50

📺 PHP: Building a Custom Auto-formatting Setup for PHP/WP04:19

📺 PHP: Documentation help with Auto-DocBlock Generation02:12

📺 PHP: Laravel Extensions + Snippets Review02:00

📺 PHP: Symfony & CodeIgnitor Extensions + Snippets01:00

📺 PHP: WordPress Toolbox, Search Docs + Keyboard shortcuts03:09

📺 PHP: Setting VSCode for PHP + WordPress13:17

📺 PHP: File association for auto-indexing05:29

📺 PHP: Custom Save & Run Setup + Review07:03

📺 PHP: Debugging Basics With VSCode03:54

📺 PHP: Debugging WordPress Code Like a Pro06:51

📺 PHP: WordPress Custom Local Setup With Docker Containers06:01

📺 PHP: WordPress Xdebug Local Setup for Debugging01:22

📺 PHP: Listen for Xdebug inside VSCode Debugger04:41

📺 PHP: Complete WordPress + VSCode Debugging Setup11:54



The best part of Visual Studio Code editor is that keeps out of your way. It can be as minimal as Sublime text and as powerful as an IDE like Eclipse, PhpStorm, etc. That's where the extensions ecosystem comes in. You'll find the best extensions community for VSCode, about 10,000 extensions to extend VSCode for Python, Go, C++, C#, Java, you name it. In this module, I'll review 50+ extension and customized setup.

📺 EXTENSIONS: Introduction & What's Where's & How's03:15

📺 EXTENSIONS: Go Programming Language Setup02:27

📺 EXTENSIONS: Python Programming Language Setup02:55

📺 EXTENSIONS: Ruby Programming Languages Setup01:24

📺 EXTENSIONS: C++, C# & 25+ Languages Syntax + Snippets07:11

📺 EXTENSIONS: Installing & Reviewing Microsoft Extensions03:04

📺 EXTENSIONS: Visual Studio Live Share - Visual Studio Code 02:04

📺 EXTENSIONS: Impressive Azure Extension Pack & Azure CLI01:13

📺 EXTENSIONS: Order-Case-Manipulate Power User Workflows06:08

📺 EXTENSIONS: Better Highlighted Comments Like a Pro03:07

📺 EXTENSIONS: The Powerful Code Runner Extension01:52

📺 EXTENSIONS: Managing Projects with the Project Manager02:21

📺 EXTENSIONS: Backup and Sync your Settings + Setup06:06

📺 EXTENSIONS: 50+ Extensions Reviewed & Installed05:00

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As developers, we spend over 200 Hrs/month with our code editors — it's only fair to learn your next editor deeply. This course will save you 15-20 hours every month. I've poured my dev-heart out in this course. Spent 1,000+ hours so that you don't have to. From building a custom course platform to audio/video setup. I assure you this ridiculous hard work is worth its weight in gold. By buying this course, you're enabling me; a full-time open source dev to build more free/premium courses.
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📺MODULE #1Basics Yoga

📺MODULE #2Settings Ninja

📺MODULE #3Power User Workflows


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📺MODULE #1Basics Yoga

📺MODULE #2Settings Ninja

📺MODULE #3Power User Workflows


📺MODULE #5Git/GitHub & OSS Tips

📺MODULE #6Pro Markdown Workflow

📺MODULE #7Everything About JavaScript

📺MODULE #8PHP/WordPress Workflows

📺MODULE #950+ Pro Extensions Setup

Frequently Asked Questions?!

You got questions? I got answers!

How does it all work? What are the videos like?

How does it all work? What are the videos like?

Oh, that. Just buy a package. I recommend the master class for the most bang for your buck. Once the payment is received, you get a welcome email with access for my course platform, click the access link, set a password, and stream the course anytime with any device. The videos are crystal clear, professionally recorded at a whopping 1920x1080 resolution for TrueHD™ 1080p result. I invested over $1000 bucks in my audio setup, no pops, clicks, or weird breathing sounds there. I am actually funny at times. No slides/ppts just the real deal and actual hands-on demos.

Is this for Beginners or Advanced developers?

Is this for Beginners or Advanced developers?

I love teaching. I can't help it. It's genetic. Both my grandparents and even my parents are teachers. So, believe you me — I don't assume anything. I'll take your hand and walk you through each and everything, the pace is just right, you won't find sleep-inducing material here. So, yeah this course is equally suitable for beginners and advanced developers. You can even slow down the pace to 0.75x and make it go faster to 2x. Easy peasy.

Are there any team/bulk or student discounts?

Are there any team/bulk or student discounts?

Yes, yes! I have a huge discount available if you're buying 5+ master class packages — 30% to 50% off for teams. Feel free to contact me, and I'll set you up with 5/10/15/20/…/100+ accounts with reasonable discounts. If you're a student, then email me any sort of schooling proof, i.e., uni/college card, Bootcamp ID, and I'll send you a student discount. You can also get in touch with me for on-campus workshops or conference talk on VSCode.

What if I am not happy?

What if I am not happy?

My software and courses are helping thousands of developers become experts at what they do — every single day. If for any reason, you're feeling blue and not satisfied then email me within 14 days of your purchase and I'll refund you. Do mention the email address you bought the course from. Money back guarantee. Seriously, I want you to learn. That's simple. No question about it.

What else are you working on?

What else are you working on?

This course is complete. I'm still adding more sections to this landing page and the course platform — E.g., the testimonials section, certificate of completion, account automation, user engagement on profiles, easy upgrade solution, and a lot more stuff. Honestly, there's so much I can do — already spent 1.5 years building the platform and the VSCode.pro course. Hang tight, more's coming.

I've deleted, lost, never received the access email?

I've deleted, lost, never received the access email?

No worries. All of my courses live here → Courses.AhmadAwais.com. So what you need to do is, go to the Forgot your password? link — use the same email address you bought the course with, and you'll get the same welcome access email again — set a new password & login.

One time payment? No monthly subscription?

One time payment? No monthly subscription?

That's true. You pay only once. The videos access never expires. When you're learning with me, I don't want you to feel like you're paying for university or for Netflix. It's a one-time investment that pays itself over ten folds. No recurring payments. No expiry dates. Truly learn at your own pace without worrying for any subscription cost.

What theme do you use, font, TV Series you like? What's your mic/video, mac, terminal setup?!

What theme do you use, font, TV Series you like? What's your mic/video, mac, terminal setup?!

I have set up a USES page to answer such questions. Developers often ask me about what theme I use (hint: 🦄 Shades of Purple), what are my favorite TV shows, macOS apps, terminal workflow, yadda yadda… all of that is listed on this page →

I have moooooaaaaaaar questions?

I have moooooaaaaaaar questions?

Sure. For quick questions tweet @MrAhmadAwais. You can also send me your questions via email if that's your jam. What else?!
(let's follow each other on Twitter @MrAhmadAwais — become friends?)

Take Their Word for It

You don't have to take my word for it. Some nice folks have said some nice things!

Shit, I didn't know that!!!!!!! This VSCode tip is life changing to me!!— Said in response to a VSCode tip shared by Ahmad at Twitter.

Zouhir ⚡Zouhir ⚡Edge Microsoft | Google Dev Expert

"OMG awesome. How do you find those class names?" — Said in response to a VSCode tip shared by Ahmad on Twitter.

Dan AbramovDan AbramovCore Dev ReactJS at Facebook

The CGB project is an awesome awesome contribution to the community — at AWP Gutenberg series.

Matt MullenwegMatt MullenwegCo-Founder of WordPress

If you're looking to expand your VSCode knowledge, I have no doubt this course will be extremely useful. @MrAhmadAwais does great work.

Jeremy EnglertJeremy EnglertCore Contributor ZURB Foundation

I love this theme! 🦄Themes with more unique colors like purple are relatively rare, so it's great to see purple represented here 😃. It's a fun theme, and it's easy to read! 🙌

Ali SpittelAli SpittelTech Director WomenWhoCode

I always find him to be an excellent communicator, highly skilled, considerate, and extremely generous. He's a pleasure to collaborate with and he's produced some very impressive public and FREE #OpenSource work for developers to learn and benefit from. In my book, those are some of the best characteristics to have in a person. Ahmad is highly recommended.

Matt CromwellMatt CromwellPartner/Head Community Impress.org

I've never known someone to create such useful things on a regular basis. Truly impressive sir. I mean it. You just pump stuff out. It's incredible.

Lee PetersonLee PetersonCreative Lead at Rusty Dog Design

I've read over Ahmad's tutorial a few times and implemented most of it. He's the bee's knees for this kind of stuff. — In ref to the WordPress & Gulp implementation via WPGulp.

Alex ColemanAlex ColemanWeb Designer at LeftSideDesign

This is a gorgeous, high contrast theme that stands out without getting in the way. Especially great for doing developer talks and screencasts and maintained by a supremely dedicated expert in all the VSCode pro tips. The documentation itself is a thing of beauty, too. 5 Stars!

Shawn Swyx WangShawn Swyx WangDev Experience @Netlify | Reactjs

Yes, Ahmad writes great WordPress tutorials and makes great looking themes and websites, but that's not the only reason I endorse Ahmad. Ahmad is a great community member, he is a core contributor to WordPress and always helpful to other WordPress users. Also, he is a really nice guy, which is important.

Josh PollockJosh PollockLead Dev & Founder CalderaWP

Ahmad has written tutorials for me to publish at Tuts+ on a number of occasions, and I always appreciate his level of expertise both in the subject matter…, and in helping to educate others. I would hire Ahmad again for… training or consultancy in a heartbeat.

Japheth ThomsonJapheth ThomsonDirector of Hosting at Human Made

I know Awais from his contributions to world wide web. His expertise in web & software technologies and his contributions to various open-source projects make it stand out of the crowd. I highly recommend Ahmad.

Jabran RafiqueJabran RafiqueTech Lead at Rated People

I'm really impressed with how much you are participating in the WordPress community! It's pretty insane. You're probably one of the most engaged people I have seen, ever. 😀

Stanislav KhromovStanislav KhromovDev at Schibsted Media Group

It is extremely rare that you come across highly skilled talent like Ahmad! We worked together on several occasions over the years and his efficiency is beyond superior.

Emil UzelacEmil UzelacWordPress Quality Control Specialist

Ahmad regularly contributes to WordPress core for code and UX improvements. He is one of the most passionate developers I have ever met with an insatiable desire to streamline the workflow of the process of everything he works on. He dives in head first to any new challenges and conquers them with his tenacity and intelligence which make Ahmad an invaluable asset to any project.

Mike AndreasenMike AndreasenWordPress Expert at Codeable

Ahmad is a very thorough writer and he is extremely knowledgeable of the WordPress industry. He knows exactly what is going on in the WordPress community and his outreach is an addition to any blog. I would recommend him.

Daan TollDaan TollOwner of WPLift

I switch syntax themes so often, but I haven't felt the need to switch since using 🦄 Shades of Purple for the past 6 months, it's my new default 😃 - keep up the good work man!

Adam HollisterAdam HollisterLead Developer at The British & Irish Modern Music Institute

Amazing job with balancing out the colors to ensure it's not overloading the eyes. The comments, and markdown syntax semi-hidden state styling is also a good idea! If it's not critical to always see this information then it makes sense to reduce it's visibility. Nice job mate.

B ...B ...SOP Review

I jumped ship from Cobalt 2 by Wes to 🦄 Shades of Purple theme by Ahmad Awais and I'm not looking back, beautiful shades of purple lighten up my code in a way that no other theme can, great job Ahmad!

IgnacioaalIgnacioaalRails Hacker

At go6.media we always use Shades of Purple for all our PHP/HTML/JS/CSS and other languages. It's so beautiful and easy to read, we also added some slight tweaks to make it even better and we could not be happier that we found it. Thank you!

WayneWayneDevs at Go6 Media

Ahmad takes his extension seriously and fixed a bug for me overnight. A fantastic theme that is both attractive but more importantly, effective in bring your attention to the import parts of your code.

Mark PorterMark PorterDev at PorterPeople

I started loving the 🦄 Shades of Purple theme from its name ;) After seeing images of the themes, I saw there was more and to get to know about the 'more', an installation will have to occur which did occur...After installation, I got to find out that the theme is super duper awesome than I thought… Welldone Ahmad Awais

Uche JudeUche JudeSoftware Developer Andela

Just installed 🦄 Shades of Purple and absolutely love it! Thank you for creating it! I love these colors! I also switched from Cobalt2. And just beginning a new job as a React.js dev, with it :-)

Alexandra SpalatoAlexandra SpalatoJavascript & WordPress Developer

I started using SOP during the better release and ever since it has being a perfect choice for me. Love to see my IDE always with the shades of purple splash. It improved my overall workflow. Thanks @AhamadAwais for such work.

Ojo OluwasetemiOjo OluwasetemiJavaScript Dev & Teacher

Have been using 🦄 Shades of Purple theme for the last couple of weeks and in love with it. Its fun writing code with those shades of purple <3

Ajit BohraAjit BohraEngineer & Speaker @lubusIN